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  • We have 10 years until an unprecedented climate disaster takes place because of humanity’s current consumption habits (IPCC, 2018).

  • Due to the habitual need for convenience in our society, our waste is growing at double the rate of the population (ABC, War on Waste, 2018).

  • The 250 billion tonnes of chemical emissions that the human species creates each year has resulted in Earth being scientifically classified as “toxic” (Julian Cribb, 2017).

  • The toxic chemicals we use in everyday products and food are responsible for one in four health issues (24% of all health issues can be traced to environmental factors).

  • These same chemicals are responsible for babies being born pre-polluted with an average of 200 chemicals in their umbilical cords (Environmental Working Group).

  • The average home contains 10 gallons of synthetic chemical-based products. This causes the air indoors to be five times more polluted than the air outdoors (Environmental Protection Agency).


There is no regulation or adjudication governing product labelling. This results in greenwashing (labelling and marketing that suggest a product is more socially or environmentally responsible than it really is), swaying and confusing consumers.


While there are many great standards, accreditations and certifications in the marketplace, there is not a single standard that measures the overarching, end-to-end sustainability of the production and consumption of consumable goods. 

Many brands have voluntary standards and strategies that they use to measure their own environmental, ethical and social goals which closes this gap in global regulation.

EarthScore is working to facilitate a framework that unites the great regulation that already exists under one umbrella (and conduct independent scientific research to close any gaps) to regulate and govern the global production and consumption of consumable goods.

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