Join the businesses, academics and organisations leading the change in responsible production and consumption 


Regulating sustainable production and consumption


EarthScore is a scientific research agency and industry collaboration.


Its international framework regulates sustainable production of consumable goods.

Its methodology provides consumers with a transparent shopping guide.


EarthScore's 2040 mission is to ensure all consumable products are packaged with legal and transparent sustainability scores to:

a) arm humanity with a tool to reengineer its consumption habits, 


b) hold companies accountable for their impact on Earth.


The EarthScore framework provides the opportunity for existing regulation and accreditation programs and organisations to come together under one international umbrella to provide  a unified voice that guides consumer's purchasing decisions.


This collaboration will address the requirements and targets of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production.




EarthScore unites the manufacturing ecosystem, regulates production and guides sustainable consumption.


Working with the manufacturing industry, academics and intergovernmental organisations, EarthScore is building a framework that will act as the leading authority in sustainability labelling, scientifically guiding consumer choices while holding businesses and governments accountable for product labelling and manufacturing.

EarthScore Assembly brings together industry leaders, academics, business owners and transparency advocates to discuss and collaborate on ways to achieve sustainable production and consumption.



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